Makes No Sense At All

Oliver and Rich discuss Annabel, Hannah, and Sara – AKA The Sense. Annabel forgets her sticks, Sara has a tasty snack, and Hannah breaks a guitar. Along the way, Oliver demonstrates his drumming skills and Rich has a presidential dream.

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This week’s homework:

Search Back (The Sense at Royal Holloway College)
You’re Wrong (The Sense at Cherry Jam)


Have You Heard the One About Biden’s Face on Trump’s Body?
Josh Savage
Summersound 2006 at The Tower (Hampshire Chronicle article)
No Scrubs – TLC
So Good – Destiny’s Child
Every Ghetto, Every City – Lauryn Hill
On & On – Erykah Badu
Spanish Joint – D’Angelo
Rock Garden (number five on this list of London’s greatest venues)
Cherry Jam
This Is Not A Love Song – Gracie
Hayward Guitars


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