DC10 Tonight is a small scale, independent podcasting network. We’re aiming to do all the traditional podcasting things (people talking to each other about random subjects etc) – but also feature one-off talks, field recordings and any other slices of audio that deserve to be out there.


With all of that in mind, if you have any ideas regarding any of the above then please get in touch. You can find DC10 Tonight on all the normal social media channels, or you can email us via hello@dc10tonight.com


Podcasts and Patreon. Patreon and podcasts. It’s like fish and chips, or rum and pineapple, or shoe repair and key-cutting. They just go together, right? So we’ve set one up for £3 a month and any money raised will go towards buying some extra hours in the day, better microphones, paying some special hosts, and probably a few sneaky beers.

And if you do sign-up you get some goodies as well… click the link below to find out what.

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As much as I’m tempted to do fake ads for Squarespace, Blue Apron, and Casper Mattresses just for a laugh, it would be better to do real ads for real people and real things. So, if you’d like to sponsor a show or advertise on any of them let me know. It could be the start of a beautiful thing.


The DC10 Tonight Focus Group: Birgit, Lucy, Jim, Julz, Annabel, Chris, Sara, Pete C, Pete H, and Nina.